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The Nation’s largest Black Owned Cigar Bar and Lounge right here in Miami – AKA “THE BLACK CHEERS”

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  1. Anthony Lowery says:

    Great establishment will maintained only one of my to go spots…….Too Tough T. A.K.A. Sunshine. Keep up the good work Marcus.

  2. Nancy Cobb says:

    Wishing you great success and I look forward to visiting and supporting soon.

    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment. I am not the business owner, but a blogger. You can subscribe to us at http://www.thehungryblackman.com for more great content coming your way!

  3. Heard the first Wednesday of the month was a great night to go. Great crowd, beautiful people and made great connections. Love it there. One of my favorite spots.

    1. Oh yeah? I came during the afternoon. Now, I really need to go check them out again. Thanks for the info!

  4. Rob Carroll says:

    I frequent Signature often, the bar carries my favorite 12yr old Zaya rum, and the humidor has a good selection of quality premium cigars at moderate prices (recently had the Dimond Crown Julius Cesar torpedo on sale for $9). Marcus is the ultimate host, with the ability to make everyone feel like his best friend. Definitely a must visit when in Miami-Dade county.☆☆☆☆☆

    1. Thanks for the comment

  5. Thanks for this post! I live in Miami (Midtown) and I’ve been frequenting another very good, fairly well-known cigar bar in Miami – but more so, because I didn’t know there was an OPTION! Especially a black-owned one!! Damn! I’ve become an avid cigar smoker (really enjoying AJ Fernandez’s New World line – especially the Virrey Toro Gordo – and Espinosa’s Laranja Reserva right now) and I ash a couple, three sticks a week. Hoping that Signature carries either/both of those varieties, but I’m always interested in finding new sticks. As long as they have a couple good single malt scotches (preferably, Laphroaig, or Port Charlotte, but I’ll enjoy a Speyside or Highland SM) available as well, Signature could well become my new weekend spot, worth the drive up to Miami Gardens…Word!

  6. Maisha G says:

    The drink descriptions in this review make me want to go there tonite, but I can’t get that cigar smoke smell out of head — and I live down the same road as Signature!

  7. Fresh Article. I have to check the spot out when I return from my next trip.
    Jonathan Drew
    Drew Estate

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Will definitely support. Thanks for the article, stumbled on it via Facebook.

    1. No need to stumble. Follow our blog at Thehungryblackman.com by clicking the follow button at the bottom of the page! Thanks for the read and comment.

  9. Brian says:

    Have to visit this spot the next time I’m home. Grow up with Marcus in the same neighborhood. Congrats to you homeboy. Will see you soon. 171 for life.

  10. lock Cayden says:

    You are Great…..

  11. Byron Perry says:

    Living in Fort Lauderdale I knew nothing about this place. The cigar bars I go to don’t treat me like I belong. I will definitely go to this place. I am new to your blog and love everything you are doing with it. I am passing your blogs along to people so that they can support. Keep up the good work and am looking forward to what you discover next.

  12. I really like it when individuals come together and share views. Great blog, keep it up!

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