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South Beach’s only Miami Grill is Black Owned

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  1. Lisa K says:

    You make Miami subs sound good. Because I wrote that place off years ago. It was my spot as a teenager after football games we used to hang out in their parking lots. As my taste in food grew that place became a last resort, their chicken pita used to be amazing. I’m going to have to give them another shot and especially make that trip from Broward to South beach to support this one specifically

    1. Hey Lisa! Thanks for the comment. I too hated Miami Subs. However, the new menu items are a lot better. The atmosphere is better as well. If it weren’t wouldn’t have wasted my time. It’s more quick casual than fast food.

      1. Denise Williams Wilson says:

        I give you much much much respect brother you took a big and smart step with your business on South Beach that’s what we need a lot of black business i will support you and your business 100% me and my son are planning our own business as well I will keep you and your business in my prayers at all times I am wishing you all the best and more blessing for your business and much love!

      2. Thanks for your comment! I will relay it to the owner.

  2. Love this article brother. I like your work and want you to tell my story to our community.

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    1. How does it taste? Where can I find it in stores?

  3. HyLoNews says:

    This is awesome Starex! I now have a reason to come to the beach again. I stopped going as much because of the treatment of black ppl, as you mentioned. But I definitely want to visit this guy’s spot…. Love your blog! It’s awesome! Thanks for the reporting! ????

  4. faisalxt says:

    Excellent and inspiring info brother. This brother is the real deal. I’m gonna go through there brethren and support that.

  5. Yesss! Love articles like this! I live in South Florida and visit South Beach several times a year so I will definitely stop and grab a bite! Eloquently written and concise photographs. 5 stars just for that???? Great job DJ. Such an amazing accomplishment at such a young age. May you continue to prosper!

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