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Stop Talking S@#% About Black Restaurants

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  1. Sharif Simons says:

    Good Job staying with your Niche brother there are establishments that can top plenty of restaurants on South Beach and others. I appreciate your efforts #BUYTHEBLOCK #BUILDBLACKWALLSTREET
    They wont tell how bad the service and the looks they get at the South Beach and other establishments

  2. Mobetta_Babe says:

    I’m so glad you said this. I’m a Chef in South LA and I know for a fact I miss out on business opportunities with my own people because I’m black. We don’t value or appreciate what we have to offer eachother. This attitude is what made me rethink opening a restaurant in my area.

  3. Nia says:

    I don’t believe in sh*tting on Black owned businesses period. To do it publicly is a whole ‘nother level of trash. If I have an issue, I will usually just address it with the establishment directly or let it ride.
    Now, I admit that I wrestle with this issue. From my experience as a frequent patron of Black-owned restaurants, I pretty-much EXPECT inconsistency in some area.
    I’m fortunate enough to live in an area where Black-owned restaurants actually exist. I find that a lot of places are just stretched thin, so there’s not enough food prep or the staff has only been trained on how to take orders, but not coached in how to actually provide good service.
    I agree that we should be gracious when it comes to Black restaurants, but eating out shouldn’t lead to an existential crisis.

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