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Black Owned Seafood Food Truck Wins Best In South Florida

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Everthing looks appealing, the food looks delicious, mouth watering!????

  2. Raven s Christian says:

    They come to my job sometimes and the first visit I broke my diet and ate so much shrimp!!!! Love this truck so much.

  3. Willie Knighton says:

    Need you to come to Dublin ga. In need of some good seafood

  4. Matthew Black says:

    I need to find this truck. I will hurt myself food looks dam good

  5. Everything looks delish and I’m not even a seafood lover…

  6. Wanda says:

    Please come to Chicago the looks amazing…

  7. Sister Sarah and Momma Brenda need to come to Stockbridge, GA. They’ll clean up here!

  8. I wish this existed when I lived in Fort Lauderdale! I am amazed by all the dishes they serve out of a food truck! The fried lobster alone is worth a trip down south! I love supporting black owned businesses and I am a foodie so I will be sharing this! Thx!

  9. Jennifer McQueen says:

    sounds interesting and looks good. Travel up north to Fayetteville, NC and share you delicacies with us

  10. when are you coming to tampa florida we eat from the food trucks here but we would love love if you came thru one day a month and place the day and time on facebook. I love seafood!

  11. jackie says:

    Please come to Gainesville,Fl
    I love sea food i would hurt myself.

  12. Vanessa Turton says:

    You should try World famous house of Mac in wynwood. @worldfamoushouseofmac on IG

  13. Lauren says:

    They have the Best Seafood in Broward County !! I found Sister Sarahs’ on IG and googled their location and found them !! Best decision I ever made !! The staff treated me like family from the very first day ❤️And the food was immaculately awesome !! Everything is prepared fresh to order!! #LifeLongCustomer ✔️✔️

    1. They are great! Glad you discovered them!

  14. If you find your path to be in Orlando / Kissimmee Florida, please post on Facebook. I know people would love to sample your foods.

  15. Awesome collection!

  16. Desy Llinas says:

    How I can contact them …. I’m planning a teacher event for my school and I will love to have them.

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