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Visit the only Soul Food Restaurant in Stone Mountain, Georgia

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  1. naetorious says:

    I week most definitely be visiting this spot! Being an advocate for Black Marriage and Black Positivity, I’m thrilled to see this leap of faith. Historic Stone Mountain has just gotten a little more interesting.

  2. Rick Easter says:

    I go there quite a lot and have never had a bad meal! Cola and her staff are always on point and tolerate me very well! I ALWAYS get smothered pork chops over rice, collards and max& cheese. I don’t even have to order anymore they know what I need. I grew up on this kind of food and have not found better in the area.

  3. Demetra says:

    I’m definitely going to check this place out. I don’t get to Stone Mountain much, but I’ll make a point to support this restaurant. ..and get a fried pork chop.

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