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Black Owned Eatery in Midtown is Detroit’s Original Chicken & Waffle!

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  1. Congrats on your pilot food show! We hope you continued success.

    1. Robin Hudson says:

      I totally agree with you. The food at the New Center Eatery is exquisite. I eat there all the time with my mother, “Grandma Hudson”. She is the person who one of our favorite dish is named after. Well, let’s just say, everything on the menu is worth trying.

  2. Loretta Franklin says:

    Where are you located at

  3. Vernell Vass says:

    I always enjoy my visit to Detroit Eatery. The food is great, the people are friendly and it’s time to build upstairs because it’s always a lot of people coming for that good food. God Bless You.

    Vernell Vass☕️

  4. MDetroit says:

    Fabulous! Can’t wait to try it out! This is actually the New Center area though, not Midtown. . .Midtown starts when you cross I-94 going South on Woodward. This is north of that.

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