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Detroit Black Owned Restaurant Kills The Game In Taste, Service, Ambiance!

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  1. Brandi says:

    I tried to support a black business but after waiting 20 minutes for one plain waffle and then getting it home to find out it’s raw is really sad. No cook in their right mind would have served something like this. This is not the first time I’ve been disappointed by this place. I will never eat here again. Whoever the cook is on 2/15/2017 needs to be fired. Being busy is not an excuse to serve under cooked food period…

  2. Brandi says:

    My mistake 2/16/2017

  3. Donna wilson says:

    Hello I’m sorry to inform you but the beans and cornbread in Southfeld Mich is failing bad. I found a eye lash in my Mac and cheese on 11/22/21 I threw it in the garbage. I was scared to eat the greenbeans and potato salad I tossed it. I wont be eating here again. Been coming here since it was open but that did it for me. And the long stems in the greens is horrible where is the greens? Mouth full of stems with no taste why do you guys put stems in the greens? you can’t afford to buy greens. Greens in my sweet potatoes. The lady at the bar cant read. My food was sitting there for a half in hour. The manager knows me so she came out and said here’s your food right here. The girl at the bar apologized because she dont know how to spell. I will say Tonya is the best manager you have never let her go. I will be going to urban soul in Detroit or motor city. Sorry had enough. Tell them to stop putting staples in the bag. I want to check it before I leave. Because they give you the wrong food. And please don’t use can sweet potatoes or boxed craft mac and cheese is what some people say it is. Not fresh. Cornbread for take out is freezing cold why? I may want to eat in the car. Warm up the Cornbread. Sorry to leave such a bad review but the lash in my food said it all. Nasty restaurant and you really need to update the kitchen on the news it look really dirty and run down looking.

    1. thehungryblackman says:

      Oh this is unfortunate to hear. It’s been over 5 years since we visited.

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