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Miami-Dade Largest Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant is Black Owned & Delicious!

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  1. Cynthia Rosa says:

    I pass this place a trillion times too. I will definitely check it out now! The way you write about food makes me hungry!!

  2. Cullen Chambers says:

    Great article well written. Love the prolie and the passion of the restuaranteers. We have always eaten ” natural” until like you say the “millenial age”. I am creating a plan for an Agri-Hood on our ancestary160 acre family land to “Grow What We Eat” and re-educaaate people to the importance of eating Non-GMO and plantbased as much as possible. An All-Natural substainable global food source chain stact me.
    pplier. Con

  3. Great food, wonderful service and Hakin is such a peaceful soul. I’ve been going there 4 years and this spot never disappoints!

  4. Valencia Gabriel says:

    I love this place…..Hakin is an amazing individual and the staff is always so pleasant——congratulations Hakin.

  5. Nadia Dookie says:

    Awesome food, awesome service, just an overall awesome spot to go when looking to eat healthy!

  6. Now I know where to go for side dishes because that is all vegan and vegetarian dishes are.

  7. Jessica says:

    I love this place, my spot for the last few years. I never thought I could do the vegan thing and not miss animal carcass. But it’s possible. Great place to start for help with the transition.

  8. an amazing dining establishment with an incredible menu and an owner with a great big smile and heart! my wife and i love this place

  9. Not a fan of vegan cuisine per se, but this food looks delish. I’m gonna need to investigate further.

  10. Deb Schiff says:

    Thanks for the review! Excellent photos and article!

  11. natalie says:

    I’ve been here and I can attest to the fact that the food here is 10/10 delicious.

  12. Orlando Coombs says:

    Hakim’s spot is good, great atmosphere, and he his actually a cool dude. But they ain’t had no patties in a while. Them patties he make are hella good but an ital spot in South Florida without patties, don’t work for me. But I will not diss the brother by no means, cause we should be supporting our own as much as possible. We should be patronizing our own. A lot of our people do support Hakim’s restaurant and I remember it used to Konata’s years ago and when the older Rastaman had it, that place was a one stop shop. I done bought groceries, hot food, fresh juices, smoothies, vegan ice creams, you name it. Everything accept fresh produce. We need more black owned farmers markets and vegan restaurants and health food stores. And the people need to shop there once a week consistently. No excuses. We got lots of options for supporting each other and I see many of us doing it today more than ever because the consciousness in the black community is growing, but it needs to increase more, much more. One Love.

  13. colleen Scarlett says:

    Hakin is the BEST! Glad they’re finally getting their props!

  14. Dr. Betty Negron says:

    My family will be eating there today.

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