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40 Year Old Black Authentic Soul Food Eatery Right Here In Fort Lauderdale!

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  1. Jae says:

    I am so grateful for what you do but there is an inherent conflict you have to resolve. I love hearing about black restaurants being a healthy eater who loves to support black business. But you have to be honest when it’s needed. This place may have been phenomenal at some point but when I visited, the food was so bad, we both ended up throwing away our entire orders. We had fried chicken, collards and mac/cheese. Maybe you as a critic get something with some extra effort, but that is precisely what was missing when we went. I think they have been coasting on historical loyalty and location. But you kinda lost credibility with me on this one. Sorry.

    Like I said, I love what you do in promoting black business, but by promoting something so underwhelming, i fear you are hurting your own effort.


    1. Hey! I’m sorry you had a bad experience. I simply am writing about my own experience. Thank you for your support and input.

    2. Losing credibility is something that critics deal with. I hope my other recommendations were delightful and you enjoyed them. Leaving comments of what you LIKED helps out more than leaving messages on what you didn’t like in my experience. Especially given the hard road for Black Owned Spots.

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