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Detroit Suburb Has A New Black Owned Eatery and it’s $#%#^@ Delicious!

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  1. We’re new readers of your blog and are loving your recommendations. We had lunch at Sweet Magnolia’s yesterday and it was fabulous and we wrote them a 5-star review on TripAdvisor. Can’t wait to see what you turn up in the Detroit area next.

    1. Oh, there are definitely some great eateries in your city. I’ve covered several. Check them out!

      1. dolores yancy says:

        where is it located

      2. address is within the article

    2. sounds good!!!!!looks good!!!!! Sweet Magnolia is the place I will dine, when visiting Detroit. Keep up the good work!!!!

  2. Excellent article. It made me want to leave my chair and drive to the Sweet Magnolia forthwith.
    I am on my church’s event center committee and we are in need of some assistance in the area of strategic development .

  3. I wish we had experiences like you had at Sweet Magnolia’s and we never will….the service here is horrible to say the least….

    1. oh no. Definitely speak with the Manager. Her name is Lauren.

    2. Cassandra C says:

      It’s funny you say this. I called today after reading this post on a friend’s page. I called to get their hours and to say the least I felt I disturbed the person who answered the phone. Not friendly at all. Even when I said I read the article and that’s what made me call. No reaction of thank you. I’m going to still visit tomorrow as planned hoping to have a different experience.

      1. Oh man. I’m sure all of us are anxious to hear your experience. Please let us know!

      2. I pray you have an enjoyable experience; even after my visit, I see more of the same type of posts on their Facebook page that mirrored my experience; thus I’m not inclined to return (just yet, I won’t say never)…

        A repost from my July 30th Review:
        “So far, not so good.

        Arrived 11:30am, informed of a 15-20 minute wait, bit was seated in 10 (11:40am) and another waitress finally came to take our order at 12pm…

        Nice ambiance though…we’ll see how the food is shortly…

        well it’s now 1:15 pm and still no food on our table….and to make matters worse the waitress who is not our waitress just informed us the kitchen doesn’t have our order….Chicken Shack we’re on our way…”

      3. Lauren says:

        I’m sorry about that! Please do come visit us, I will make sure you have an enjoyable experience. Just ask for Lauren, I’ll be there until 3pm. Otherwise ask for Courtney.
        Hope to see you!

  4. Tiffany B says:

    The food is pretty good…just don’t go towards the end of the day…you will definitely get the scraps! I don’t mind paying for a good meal but to pay $20 for 1 meal and get what I would consider picked over food is rediculous …I rather cook at home

    1. Kevin Chambers says:

      At least you were served….we arrived at 11:30am and left at 1:15pm and only had coffee…

      Funny thing though on Facebook I know they see all our complaints but they only respond to compliments….which says to me they don’t care…

  5. Debbie Walker says:

    Visited once–hash browns were salty; ladies should wear hair nets–especially the ones with weaves. One young lady walked through the dining area running her fingers through her ‘weave’…not a good picture. Service provided by Kyra was awesome–very attentive.

  6. Jill says:

    Is it wheelchair accessible?

    1. You know what, I honestly do not know. However, you can call and ask. In the future, I will be sure to include that in my reviews. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

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