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Jamaican Patties So Good I Spent My Light Bill Money! #InTheDarkButFull

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    Check out brody’s entire series!!! We most DEFINITELY support this!

  2. Kay says:

    I so want to check all the places you’ve been 🙂

  3. Robbie says:

    had their patties for the first time over the Christmas holidays, while on vacation from Jamaica and let me tell you the patties were delicious!! the best patties I have every had outside of Jamaica

  4. megav5 says:

    Great website and resource.

    I would like to recommend the following Black owned restaurant … I have enjoyed delicious food each time I visit. Owner is Ethiopian. Her spouse is the minister of a local historic church. The restaurant, Queen of Sheba, is located in West Palm Beach Northwest historic district/Black community where residential homeownership is at 7% and unfortunately , foreign investors hold a majority of the valuable neighborhood property.
    Definitely worth a trip. Enjoy.

    Photos for Queen of Sheeba – Yelp




  5. So happy to see the Jamaican diaspora spreading the taste of home abroad. I definitely will stop by any time I find myself in Miami, FL

  6. Bertha says:

    Do you ship out to CALIFORNIA

    1. You will need to contact the store. The number is within the article.

  7. prior.. says:

    truly a wonderful post and still laughing at “in the dark but full”

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