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Chicago Suburb BBQ Spot So Good I Paid My Rent In Ribs! #Blackhistorymonth

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  1. londababy says:

    Well I started out reading your article about your food and I must it was extremely impressive but what was even more impressive was reading about your credentials and background. I have a mom and pops popcorn shop in Flossmoor Il that just recently opened. I would love to have you mentor me or just share with me some tips on how to become more successful and how to mature my business. I would love to bring you some of my popcorn by and just say hello. Again it was a pleasure reading your article and I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Charles L Taborn Jr. says:

      Hello my wife and i love popcorn. Where are you located in Flossmor IL?

  2. TIA Banks says:

    Awesome article/blog thank you ill definitely try it based on your recommendation Sir.

  3. nbartlet says:

    Can’t wait to check this place out. Thanks for making me aware!

  4. Dr wilkins says:

    Al I can say is this was a very well written article. We have a Theater in called the Spaas Theater an 371 Artists Walk in Park Forest, IL 60466 I’m interested in networking with this business now in regards to some catering for our shows. Come check us out sometime. We have shows ever week an it’s a great place to come for a date night especially when it’s cold an rainy ! Also we offer publishing an motivational speaking training and engagements if your ever interested.
    Really impressed with your writing skills. Keep perfecting your craft An drop by sometimes. (708) 785-7371 Rev. Dr. Wilkins

    1. Hey! Thanks for the invite! Will definitely take a trip the next time in the Chicago. I am sure Bear Down BBQ would love to cater your next event!

  5. DGB says:

    On our way to check this out! I LOVE me some Ribs!

  6. Byron says:

    Good BBQ doesn’t need sauce….pretty women don’t need makeup….but it does make a difference. This BBQ is good…great if you’re not a griller but use a standard pork rub and smoking chips….spray with apple cider and you will humble their offering…and it will be cheaper.

  7. Rhonda says:

    I read your review about Bear Down BBQ and decided to check it out, unfortunately I will not be back, it was 2pm and they were out of the rib tips and cowboy beans, they just opened at 11am so meals that came with the beans they couldn’t sale, lost money. When I got home and opened the bag and looked at my food so disappointed, the half slab of ribs were old and dry and burned and tasteless without the sauce, the pulled pork sandwich had 2 tablespoon of meat on it. I took a pic of my food, Sorry, I will not be able to support this black owned business.

    1. Hey! That is so unfortunate. I literally had the best ribs I have ever had in the entire state there, and all I do is eat. I will reach out to the owner, as I live in Miami. Hopefully, he can recreate the experience I had for you.

  8. Niki says:

    The food is old reheated and reused. Most is not made from scratch. Just a bunch of seasonings mixed together and slapped on meat. The beans are all canned combinations with bell peppers and onions added. The Bears suck so does this place. Always out of food and using the name of a team without rights. I will not be back. I will BBQ for myself.

    1. Goodness. This is so bad to hear. I did not have that experience. I think you should definitely contact the owner.

  9. Rhonda B. says:

    I visited Bear Down BBQ yesterday because of this review you posted. Seems like I should have scrolled down to the comments. I completely agree with Niki & Rhonda as my experience was terrible from ordering to consumption.

    Let’s start with ordering… I walked in, wasn’t greeted, the woman behind the counter had a flat affect and zero personality when speaking with her while ordering. I should have walked out then, but I drove 20+ mins to get there & wanted to give this black-owned business a fair chance. Later, other customers came in and a school-aged boy behind the counter greeted those who walked in and thanked me for coming when he gave me my order. He was pleasant & welcoming. That was the best part of my visit.

    While ordering, the woman told me they were out of beef & I had to pull out of her my other options as beef came with the sampler. I ordered the sampler and the ribs looked old & dry and tasted the same; I didn’t taste the flavor you described. My teenage son loves ribs and stopped eating after 1 bone. I requested sauce on the side based on your review and was given a 2 oz cup of sauce for the sampler (1/2 slab, 4oz pulled chicken, 4 oz pulled pork & a hot link since they were out of beef at 4pm… close at 8pm). The pulled meat was dry & didn’t look appetizing. I also ordered rib tips that had more fat than meat. The only size is large, but it came in a small container. I ordered the tips with sauce & they were well sauced plus they gave me an additional 2 oz cup of sauce. That helped with the non-sauced meat until I realized the two cups of sauce were a different consistency & didn’t taste quite the same (one was thick as if from the bottom of the pot & the other loose & easy to pour). The hot link didn’t pack any heat but was decent. The beans tasted like they came out if a can with added peppers & onions. The coleslaw was just ok, but I didn’t finish it. With the old look & taste of everything, I’m not sure why I waited 30+ minutes for food that wasn’t hot or fresh as I opened it up in the car before driving off.

    I worked at a family-owned BBQ (his mom’s Louisiana recipes) place through high school & college in Evanston, Illinos and this place can’t compare. To give you an idea, we catered for the press box at Bears games & Northwestern University events regularly. I get sometimes running out of food, but near closing not 5 hours after opening/ 4 hours before close. Several people came in after me and wanted beef. It’s Friday evening so they should have prepared enough food to last knowing people are coming from work to grab dinner. A patron who was there before me waiting for his food said they always run out & he once called in his order (given an hour pick up time) then got there and had to wait another 2 hours as they were busy in the restaurant. What’s the point of calling in? Their large tip packaging was the same as a small tip container where I worked. If there is only one size rib tips I’m not sure why they refer to it as a “large”.

    I wasted $50 so it’s safe to say that I was my first & last visit. Pricey for sub-par food & small portions. They knew you were coming so I’m sure you received fresh, hot meat that wasn’t overcooked (possibly reheated) and was full of flavor. Your video shows food that didn’t look like what I received after ordering.

    Go back unannounced in the evening and see if you still feel this is the best BBQ.

    1. That is so unfortunate. I have allowed the comments to remain on the blog, because I would like to see ownership of that establishment provide the exact same experience that I had when I visited from Miami, twice. I actually went unannounced. We will be doing another Chicago visit soon, and I will definitely go unannounced again. However, did you have an opportunity to speak with management or the owner?

  10. Peyton says:

    Thank you so much for telling us about this place! I went there with my husband yesterday and we both ordered the rib tips with sauce on the side, beans and potato salad. When I tell you my hubby had to roll me out of that place! These are by far THE BEST ribs I’ve ever had. Tender, juicy, seasoned perfectly… I will be back again tomorrow with my coworkers for lunch! 🙂

  11. Renard Lewis says:

    Bear Down BBQ has a great taste. I drive 35 miles just to go to this place. I’m a food lover and it’s definitely worth the drive

  12. Terea says:

    Your review was such a joy to watch! I work in education and there is ALWAYS a meeting where I need to order food for the staff. After seeing this article, and some of the comments on this page, I did a little more research and checked their Facebook page (near perfect reviews). I have to say that as a business owner as well, the 2 to 3 terrible reviews posted Don’t seem to be indicative of what you, me, my staff, or apparently HUNDREDS of other people experienced at this place. Sometimes other businesses can use “plants” on sites like this to try and tank the competition. My spidey senses tell me that something like that “could” be going on. …but I digress. THE FOOD WAS AWESOME!!! The absolute BEST ribs, smoked chicken, and pulled pork I have EVER had! My staff could not stop talking about it and I had to order it for the next meeting. I’ve even taken my son who lives it now as well. Thank you so much for making us aware of such a gem. 🙂

  13. hollis1201 says:

    A friend of mine saw your review a few months back and we decided we needed to try this place. We actually ended up trying it at separate times and now we can’t get enough of it. I have had the rib tips, pulled pork, ribs, and all of the sides! This is what AUTHENTIC barbecue tastes like. You can tell that the meat has been smoked for hours and and the cowboy beans and coleslaw are some of the best beans and slaw I’ve ever tasted! Thanks for the recommendation!

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