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West Palm Beach’s New Black Owned BBQ Spot is Giving ALL TYPES OF LIFE!

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  1. Good evening Hungry Black Man I’m Ernest Wesley co-owner of Off Tha Bone BBQ my partner Daniel Spann and I are looking for investors we are trying to get a bigger sit down restaurant we know you run by lots of people and celebrities that you can give them our information to come here and try our food we will appreciate it a whole lot and I would like to thank you personally someday for coming by doing the interview I’m sorry that I wasn’t there at the grand opening to meet you and by the way since you did that video Palm Beach Post wrote a very nice article about the restaurant and every since then we’ve been very busy people are calling us even when we close on Monday and Tuesday asking are we open I would like to thank you again please contact me by phone 561-294-9717 or you can email me thanks again

  2. Taffany says:

    Me and my family will be coming for a turkey legs and some bbq ribs soon all the way from dade County.

  3. DAMOND says:

    After I read the article, I got a bunch of folks from in my office together to place a delivery order on a Friday.
    We had a good’ol time tearing up that food in the office. ribs , chicken , beans , greens all of it!…..
    Well it’s Friday again and I’m passing around the menu AGAIN. Thanks Off Tha Bone & thanks Hungry Black Man.

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