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Chef Does Vegan Soul So Good I Almost Gave Up Meat! #MelaninFood

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  1. VavaCherie says:

    Vegan AND Haitian, I must check this place out! Everything looks amazing. Lol @ “vegans in 2018… gotten real aggressive”. We know how good it is and we just want to share this culinary healing with everyone. ???? Thanks for adding more vegan coverage.

  2. Jacquelyn Mickens says:

    I enjoyed this article. I’ll definitely be visiting the restaurant.

  3. Gloria W. says:

    I’m inspired!

  4. Princess Chavers says:

    As someone straddling the fence, I definitely plan on checking this restaurant out. I have given up Beef and Pork, but struggle giving up chicken….

  5. dan says:

    Yeah thats right! Go vegan or die [of some awful disease caused by eating dead bodies] Watch “Conspiracy” and “What the Health” And do more vegan reviews! Don’t make me come down there! Just kidding. Had a nice time at your Vegan Festival today at Shirley Branca Park. Thanks

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