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New Detroit Eatery Creates Million Dollar Burger

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  1. If all goes according to Plan A, I will spend enough time, on my first-ever visit to Detroit, to focus on a few of these fine establishments. I can get White-man cuisine anywhere, and I remember from my youth, that Black-owned establishments rule!

  2. jvlivs says:

    I am definitely gonna get my wife interested in this one, and she’s from Cincy!

  3. Lisa M. says:

    On my my short restaurant list for sure! Looking forward to something new and tasty!

  4. Bill Johnson says:

    Speaking for the Blue-eyed Devil Community, I can give two thumbs up to the River Bistro as well as your review. We Yakubians also like tasty burgers, shrimp and devilishly delightful desserts.

    Moreover, even my Becky likes the River Bistro which makes our dining options an easy choice. Thus far we have visited a dozen times and have never left disappointed.

    The River Bistro is indeed a gem and a welcome addition to Detroit’s food scene.

    Finally, I liked your review. It was well-written and presented the reader a level of excitement to a new restaurant.

    1. This has to be the most hilarious comment I have every read. Thanks for the line.

  5. Robert Jones says:

    Nice to see this top notch restaurant getting some recognition it deserves.

  6. Bill Johnson says:

    Dear T.B.M.,

    Next time you venture to Detroit allow me to take you to some nice white-people restaurants. I will introduce you to some perennial favorites within the Tastebud-Challenged community.
    Mayo on really soft white bread.
    Trump-Orange mac n cheese.
    Tiny slices of cucumber on saltines.
    Pepsi Zero, no ice.
    Windmill cookies.

    You may leave hungry but it will give you an added appreciation for all of those foil covered plates your auntie makes you take home.

  7. John Abrenilla says:

    that’s some good food right there, ill have to check it out

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