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Detroit Eatery Frying Turkey So Good I literally Bit My Fingers!

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  1. jvlivs says:

    I am gonna check that joint out one day. I used to drive the Woodward bus and I’d pass it all the time. Gotta introduce my wife to that place. She’s from Cincy, BTW.

  2. helrpete says:

    Boy (am 69 so indulge me a moment) your food descriptions are always sinfully good. This review made me wish I could use my Amazon Prime to order one of everything you mentioned. And I flashed back to my grandmother in Belle Glade, FL, in the 1950s making the only bananna pudding I ever liked, with banannas from her backyard. Write on!

  3. Barbara Brown says:

    Can somebody please tell me the recipe to the cajun turkey bites? I’m inlove with they turkey bites. I want the recipe man. And the sauce.

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