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Sweet Potato Pie and Lobster Omelet is KING at Miami Garden’s New Eatery

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  1. Regina Ferrari says:

    I AM diabetic… What can I eat at your place?

    1. You would have to consult your doctor with menu in hand.

  2. Cenia Bryan says:

    I’ll be in town within the next two weeks, this place will be high on my list to check out. I am a potato pie connoisseur coming from the Panhandle of Florida I’ve had good and better. I am looking forward to the best!!!! The fried lobster waffle also sounds interesting too.

  3. Priscilla says:

    Discovered today and wanted go know about getting one of your tee shirts . Hope you have them in size’ s to fit a sister

  4. Melissa MILLS says:

    Hold on, what’s koreys IG? I need to make sure this isn’t my cousin lol. Good work, starex.

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