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Mrs. B’s Home Cooking is Montgomery’s Soul Food Heaven

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  1. Orlando Coombs says:

    That shit looks nasty. That Southern Food which I call Discomfort Food because it’s keeping our people overweight, out of shape, and in bad health. It’s a diet fit for the dead. That garbage will kill you. Most of America is eating themselves into the cemetery. Most Americans have bad health. Most people don’t wanna change their diet. The reason is because most people love eating garbage in this garbage. Popeye’s Chicken, KFC, and all that other junk is so addictive. Bad Food is killing America.

  2. Orlando Coombs says:

    A plant based diet is the way to go. That’s gonna make us healthy and strong again as a nation. Because successful people are in shape. Successful people eat healthy. Successful people exercise and eat good stuff. All the poor and broke people are fat and out of shape. That’s a fact. Because when your fat and out of shape you can’t produce and be effective. Be physically fit and in good health is the key component in being successful in life. Every successful person I know is in shape. Success takes work and work requires fitness. Health and Wellness is the key to all manner of success on every level of life.

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