Kansas City, MO

Gates BBQ is One of Kansas City’s Oldest Black Owned Restaurant

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  1. Oteria says:

    Love Gates. I was a customer on 31st and Indiana. I eat at Gates each time I returned to visit in Kansas City.

  2. Jim "Grand Dad" Nunnelly says:

    You did a credible of describing the culinary excellence, always associated with Gates’ BBQ. And with your diversity statement, you captured the tri-cultural environment that serves to further such excellence. However, you failed to mention the infinite marriage of the Gates’ family and the entire community. They exude home-grown community partnerships, whether in real estate or in steady enployment for hundreds. In short, the recipe extends beyond the pit. That makes for an even better taste. I’m just saying!! Grand Dad

    1. thehungryblackman says:

      Hey. Thanks for your comment. We have learned a great deal if this amazing family. So much so, that we would like to produce a more intense feature on them. Stay tuned.

    2. thehungryblackman says:

      We will soon!

  3. Jeanie Pope says:

    The taste of Gate’s BBQ is very unique. It has s little spicy kick. My uncle and aunt use to bring it to our family reunions. I had my brother-in-law to bring some to me in Detroit. I could just eat a whole rib by myself.

    1. thehungryblackman says:


  4. There is no correction needed if you could read. It said was ONE of the oldest. Not the oldest.

    1. thehungryblackman says:


  5. Dorsina says:

    As a employee of Gates I would like to say the company is a great company to work for. Ollie Gates is very good to his employees. He also hires felons who has had trouble getting a job. He owns almost all the property frm 12th and Prodpect to 12th and Brooklyn. What other BBQ owner has the street the same color as their business

    1. thehungryblackman says:

      Amazing testimony!

  6. Tish says:

    I went there, it was the best food I’ve ever tasted. I would go back to Kansas city Missouri just to eat.

  7. Me and my band mates, always came thru with your leader: Count Basie. 1977-1984.

  8. Janet Coulter says:

    All the food looks delicious I like the way the plates are set up the way you have the condiments on the plate is very appetizing continue the great work you’re are doing you have proven black people are highly intelligent and are capable of doing just about anything love you much Janet Chamberlain Coulter Tulsa Oklahoma

    1. thehungryblackman says:

      We will be in Tulsa in a week!

  9. Pamela McCarrison says:

    Hello I am the white lady that stopped to talk to you about eating this wonderful BBQ for most of my life! It is one of my comfort foods. If you are in Kansas City you need to stop by get a welcome when you walk in the door. Try the sweet and mild with the perfectly cooked fries. I have to have strawberry pop with my BBQ it is the perfect combination of flavors. I enjoyed talking with you. Safe travels.

    1. thehungryblackman says:

      Would you believe it was 2 super nice white ladies? Similar stories. It was a please meeting you. This place is a true gem that unites folks under the common banner of amazing cuisine! Looking forward to our next visit.

  10. Charles Edward Wakes says:

    I’ve been addicted to Gate’s BBQ all m life! Have tried “the other” but, I’ll drive 2-3 hours just to get a slab of Gate’s!!! I’ve done some extensive travels in my life and I have yet to find better!

  11. Pianodiva says:

    Love Gates!! I stop on 12th street on the way from the airport when I come to KCMO.

    1. thehungryblackman says:


  12. Mya Wiley says:

    The best bbq you’ll ever have in your life plus me Ollie Gates is so down to earth and a very nice gentleman

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