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Customers accuse popular Ft. Lauderdale Beach restaurant of racism

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  1. Lorenzo says:

    Thank you for writing about this! A lot of racist acts go unreported, happy this didn’t.

  2. Mcqueen says:

    Thank you for this information is at one point I was interested in dining at this establishment. I will no longer support that idea. And as karma will have it I’m sure they will not be around long if this is how they treat their customers

  3. Brandi says:

    This is true this happened to me and my husband we never went back because how they treat us it wasn’t for us

  4. thehungryblackman says:

    Can you share your experience?

  5. Eassie Crawford says:

    Me personally don’t go anymore because of this same matter these incidents goes on all the time without being addressed it’s sad we as African Americans get su h treatment they also get bad service when they think we are not going to tip them when will we get treated equal smh.

  6. Mika says:

    Yes me and my friend Girl went here as well and they did the same thing to us but the people that was across from us they didn’t require them to place a credit card on hold so this is very ironic I see this post I thought it was just me but apparently there is more than just me

  7. MillTheGoddess says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I will never go in there again.

  8. Jamila says:

    Finally Finally Finally. The people have spoken.I visited Rok Bar a few years back. And PROMISED that would be my last. My cousin fell from one of their chairs. When we picked the chair up we saw that they used grey tape to put the chair together. Obviously it was previously broken. I asked for the manager. Mr Big ole fat white guy pretty much laughed at us and had one of the workers hide the chair out back. Needless to say, I was furious. I went out back , found the chair and threw it at him along with a few drinks. I will never ever go back there.

  9. Tyson says:

    This is crazy as hell.. I too am a victim of this same type of service… not only did they take my card before serving me but they also took 30 mins before a waitress actually took my order after sitting me and my guest for service… they gave me the wrong order and they tried to fix it by taking it off of my tab instead of replacing my order… I never experienced anything like that before in that establishment but I left that place and felt violated afterwards… Roc Bar is definitely not in favor for black people

  10. Marcus says:

    The same thing happened to me last Sunday, they took my card claiming it was for an open tab. The waitress then took the card and I never seen her again. Another guy, who I couldn’t even tell if he was an employee, came and served us. The whole time I couldn’t even enjoy my food thinking about my card. We definitely ended the night early because of it!

  11. Cudedra says:

    Omg every time me and my best friend go they will do the same so this is crazy as hell.. I Am too an victim of this same type of service… not only did they take my card before serving me but they also took 30 mins before a waitress actually took my order after sitting me and my guest for service. Then they will not bring my card back to the very end. We just never leave a tip after realizing something wasn’t right. After the 3rd time noticing what they was doing we just said we wasn’t going anymore. The food is horrible anyways we only go for the drinks

  12. Darryl weaver says:

    I had the SAME experience there anout 2 years ago. I was required to give my credit card also. I Thought that was there policy. WOW!!!

  13. Berkens says:

    This was done to me a few years back, I was told by the server it was their policy. Back when it happened to me, I simply said to myself “what a bizarre policy and did not put much thoughts into it. Now that I am reading this article I realized how racist and disrespectful what they did to me, since this credit card upfront request was only applied to Blacks. I will never go there anymore and I will also share this article and my experience with all my friends. This practice is offensive and unacceptable.

  14. Evelyn Blaser says:

    I would never give anyone my credit card beforehand. That sounds very suspicious. I am part Native American. So I would never go there. When I tan hard. I look black. F them…

  15. Crystal says:

    The credit card hold was done to me on two occasions. I thought it was a new policy but after reading the article and seeing the manager say “its not their policy”. Im in complete wow. Then the charge a high tip and you probably see your orginal waitress two times if you’re lucky .

  16. BG says:

    This is sad, but people that looks like you who actually dine and dash messes it up for everyone of color. If the waiter stands around and waits for you to finish it will be a problem, if their was security checking receipts , that would be a problem. So thieves amongst us are the issue.

  17. Anita says:

    We were there on Sunday 5/2/21 and were tokd we needed to leave our credit card. They also added a 2% covid charge and a 15% service. We also added a tip for the waiter which meas our bill had an extra 37% added on top of the salad, 1 soda and nachos we bought. What a rip off. We had no choice but to pay because they had our credit card.

  18. Ed says:

    I’m nauseous reading this. Though some of these stories are years old and you’d hope with staff turnovers things have improved there (they must have fired “Mr Big ole fat white guy” by now); it’s hard to know. Please, please, please get your story of your recent experience there (or everywhere indignities occur) on any platform that could alert potential customers to make educated choices. Your stories should be on Tripadvisor or similar travel or local review message boards that tourists will consult. As sunshine is the greatest disinfectant, shine a light on bad behavior.
    Recording and posting may be the best tool for discipline available.

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