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Twerking and simulated sex act inside Black Owned Fort Lauderdale restaurant led to profane confrontation by management

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  1. Cynthia says:

    The day that Thirsty was approached no such act was done I was the young lady not seen in the video when Thirsty went on her head on a previous day in fact that was the same night Helen made a provocative comment saying “oweee omg only if I went that way my gosh” at that point she should’ve cursed and be belligerent not make advances. The day when she approached Thirsty nothing was happening they are trying to compare the 2 videos on 2 separate days and days apart at that reach out for more of the story

  2. Sasu says:

    Listen she needs to respect people’s establishment and not do too much . She can dance but doin all that is way to damn much

  3. Pat says:

    So nobody went on her Instagram @Iamministerthirsty and saw the owner shaking his ass in some jeans.Listen here after that video I blame the manager.She was just going off of his vibe.

  4. Tanashia says:

    I feel I like this sometimes we do have to reserve how we dance it’s nothing wrong with dancing but to also be a new and upcoming business in the urban area with the music there playing is crazy you can’t expect to set a certain standard when your playing sexually music and then tell someone to not dance sexually that’s just crazy and then for people that work there to be disrespectful is beyond me because it didn’t take all that but I don’t go to this place it’s too crowd for my taste and the wings was not good when I did try and support so ….. they already had strikes against them for me

  5. Truthhurts says:

    Stop making excuses for stupid behavior. She was wrong for conducting herself like that. Stop blaming music for someone’s disrespectful behavior. She could two step or even twerk but that flipping upside down and grinding is uncalled for.

  6. Deshun says:

    In my opinion the young lady needs to respect the rules or regulations of this particular establishment. Also the owners are a little confused, if you don’t want an establishment where people are dancing like this. Change the music. If you’re playing sexually charged music your catering to a particular crowd. Personally I do not understand the purpose of twerking and don’t want to understand. Both parties need to make it make sense.

  7. EB says:

    It needs to be established upon entry what is allowed and not allowed because everyone is not the same. Serving alcohol and playing that type of music will cause people to enjoy themselves which may involve dancing. Yes they took it too far with the twerk and humping on one another, but it should’ve been addressed then. They should’ve been stopped! But I bey the manager didn’t have a problem until the owner saw what went down. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure the establishment is ran the way they intend it to be. So this is a learning lesson for everyone. All that head stands and humping on people should never be okay at a restaurant, find a club!

  8. Mylana Jenkins says:

    She’s always seeking attention, so she got it! She does too much in any matter! She needs to seek some psychological assistance! You can’t blame anyone but her! If she wants to dance like a whore then she needs to go to a strip club or street party!

  9. naya says:

    Child smittys FULL OF SHIT

  10. Naya says:

    They play all type music allow people to smoke sell all type of music people get drunk to dance and that girl not the only person who Dave at that hole in the

  11. Estella says:

    what was once common sense is gone! Totally inappropriate behavior. Downtown action would probably have been jail time.
    Just bad PR for a striving business … whether planned , planted or POOR judgement HERE was not the place.

    PLS SHARE good news and happenings in our COMMUNITY!

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