Richmond’s Lillie Pearl Restaurant is Black Owned, But Are Black People Welcomed?

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  1. Widlene says:

    Yes, we have to let these restaurants know about their bad behavior so that they can make changes.

  2. Jordyn b says:

    Wow I mean you said everything I have been saying about this I place love love love the food but it’s feels weird going there. It feels very much white owned , u go in and see nothing but white lol seated and the black ppl at the bar, white bartenders, but black chefs in the back. They never disrespected me but after reading this I can’t support until they get there sh!* together.

  3. Yasmin says:

    So sad to hear you had a poor experience. As a Black woman, I have dined here several times with my friends/family/coworkers and have never experienced or witnessed such awful treatment. I’ve met the owner and his wife personally and have worked with them at an event, and I whole-heartedly believe they would find this treatment completely unacceptable. I hope they reach out to you to apologize.

  4. Angie says:

    Well technically they aren’t fully black owned that’s a marketing ploy to get our business. It’s owned by a black man married to a white women, minority owned (black man, white woman) but not black owned. My first experience there was fine until one of the white employees made an extremely disparaging comment to my dinner partner. My dinner partner expressed her satisfaction with the bread pudding, she told the waitress it was soooo good, and the white female employee said “well do you want to lick the plate?” My dinner partner was extremely offended she asked her “what are you trying to insinuate, am I a dog, why would I want to lick that plate?” We asked for management the black manager whom I believe was the owner was told what happened and his response “well maybe you are taking it the wrong way, I’m sure she didn’t mean it like that.” He completely dismissed his employee’s derogatory and disrespectful response. He did not care if the comment was rooted in racism basically saying black people are animals who lick plates after eating. And to top it off he didn’t offer any type of accommodation/discount for rude treatment. Gave a half ass apology after I had to explain to him why it was offensive!

  5. Tee says:

    I agree with the reviewers assessment of feeling “unwelcome” at this restaurant. A friend and I dined there and there was a clear distinction between how we were treated versus our lighter-complexioned counterparts. I will not be returning.

  6. MEE says:

    I previously worked there and the management is run by unqualified people who absolutely do not know how to properly run a restaurant. The only good thing is the food which is prepped and cooked by black workers who are also over worked. There is no respect or common decency towards the FOH black staff which there hardly is now. This restaurant does not embody the epitome of black owned, the owners are barely present as they have more “important” matters to attend to. It’s a shame having to rotate a new set of staffing every season due to the incompetence.

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