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Black Man Creates Million Dollar Vodka Brand Made From Coconut Water

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  1. andre mobley says:

    i love how you highlight black owned business in the culinary industry, job well done excellent work..i think you should do a story on andre’s gourmet hot sauce and bar-b-que sauce this deerfield beach native now located in west palm beach is the next big thing, check him out

  2. Kim says:

    God bless you! I heard you on the Maggie Linton Show today and I learned so much. You are a man after my own heart. Does Jax and Tampa have anything to offer?

    1. Hey! We plan on visiting Tampa real soon. Jax is a little tricky. Did not have a great food experience there. I plan on giving it another shot though…..

      1. Lakesha burns says:

        I love it it taste so smooth like almost drinking water it’s just that good it was given to me from my boyfriend Steven ware got it from his sister latianna carter I’m not a big drinker but when I drink I would always have a shot of toast and what store can I find it in.my family loves it as well

    2. Carolyn Jones says:

      Awesome!!!! Love the fact that it is a “Black” man with this invention. So proud!!! I live in Dania Beach, a few miles from DJ. A former American History teacher, would incude in my Black History lessons. Give some young minds a thought.

  3. Great article….informative, interesting and inspiring!

  4. Tremendous article–well done! DJ is an inspiration to a lot of people. Can you advise where Toast’s offices are at in Miami? I would like to send him a personal note. Thanks in advance for your help.

  5. Connie Baptiste says:

    Adding this to my bucket list, I love vodka, when will it hit the store and where?

  6. mitchell says:

    Trying to find a source for this Vodka….unable to do so in all of Florida….and the only on-line site for it seems to be out of California. Went to several Florida restaurants and bars and they never heard of it and don’t know how to get it. Not listed at Total Wine or ABC. Would like to know how to try it.
    Love the story and background of its founder.

    1. Thats strange. I will provide the owner your email. I believe there is a store that carries it, contained within the article.

  7. Matthew says:

    I’m a liquor salesman in S.Fla. I’ve met DJ and he and the Vodka are the real deal. My company has picked up the brand to distribute. You should be seeing it a lot more in your local bars and restaurants as well as liquor stores. If you don’t see it, please request it and they’ll bring it in! Thank you.

  8. Teri Ann Guadagni says:

    It’s been a crazy few months , I purchased on Xmas eve. I live in Florida the bottle caught my eye and the word Toast said it all. I am allergic to everything was hoping to have better luck with this Vodka , just read the story about Toast3/18/18. Had no clue it was a corn base ( cause I can’t drink Tito’s sick instantly) your vodka is smooth delicious and no headache. Thank you ???? Can you tell me why cause I can’t drink any corn base , oh I love the bottle topper is made of glass so unique!

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