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Pembroke Pines Black Owned Vegan, Smoothie, Chicken & Waffle Joint is LIFE!

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  1. pcamerona1027 says:

    Hi, I am from Detroit, and accidentally ran into your post on facebook and began to follow you, I love to see the different foods and places that you visit. The pictures and bite by bite account of the foods that you eat and enjoy are priceless. It’s nice to know those good restaurants are owned and operated by Black people.

  2. Orlando Coombs says:

    I’m gonna give this spot in Overtown a chance. They got veggie burgers so it’s cool. I just hope the people support it by spendig the money in their neighborhood. Nothing positive will ever happen in a community that does not circulate their dollars. Overtown needs group economics. Liberty City needs group economics. That’s the only way that they’re gonna ever solve the issues of poverty, unemployment, drugs, crime, violence, deplorable living conditions, and poor health. These things are all a result of people not living properly. I’ve seen hopelessness, sadness, and despair on people’s faces in Overtown, I’ve seen people down there looking so sad cause its a miserable life down there. But I’m glad to see that the neighborhood is now getting a second breath, a second chance at life, its a new beginning. And I wanna see it for myself.

  3. Float Ideas says:


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